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Little Studio Creative | Ignite a Passion

Ignite a Passion

Ignite a Passion

Due to the success of our work with Cascade Mountain, the Wisconsin Ski Association came to us wanting to shake things up from their typical “skiing B-roll with voice-over on a music bed”  ad campaigns. We came up with the idea for a story about a girl who takes a first snowboarding lesson and falls in love with it so much that at home, she makes a cardboard snowboard to use on her snowpile and falls asleep that night wearing her helmet and clutching her new love. The challenge was to accomplish that in a 30 sec spot. We hope it makes you smile.


Our goal was to drive web traffic to skiwi.org by tapping into mom's intrinsic desire to see her child passionate about something. 30sec spot run on Discover Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Ski Association


October 23, 2015