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Little Studio Creative | Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Director’s Notes

When I was first approached by the staff at this local non-profit to help them tell the story of sexually exploited girls right here in my own city, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even want to know about this stuff. It’s hard, dark, real stuff that is happening right in my own backyard. Right in YOUR backyard. The statistics are staggering; simply unbelievable. But they are true. Google it. You won’t believe it either.

As I stood in church last night, my sweet, safe, loved, innocent nine year old’s arms wrapped around my neck, listening to a song about hope and God’s love and redemption, I suddenly understood why I had to create this film. After working on this project for 18 months, struggling, fighting against my desire to simply turn away, I suddenly saw before me the faces of these girls, girls just like my own daughters, who need this hope, who need this help. I pray that this film will help you to see, as hard as it is to keep from turning away, how real this problem is and how you can help.

Please share this film, donate, pray for the leadership, volunteer your time, help them help these most vulnerable and broken among us. These are our neighbors’ children, our own children. They need hope. Let’s bring them hope right here in Milwaukee.



To re-humanize the girls who are victims of sex-trafficking.


Exploit No More is a Milwaukee-based non-profit providing after-care, awareness and advocacy for juvenile victims of sexual exploitation.


March 23, 2016