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Little Studio Creative | #MKEUnity


I love our city. Right now Milwaukee is hurting. Last night, under the veil of “protest” after an officer-involved shooting, vandals and looters rioted, burning down buildings and vehicles near the location of the incident. This was no protest. The people that perpetrated this heinous act do not speak for anyone other than themselves. My heart breaks for friends and families, both black and white, that live in the Sherman Park neighborhood where this occurred.  They were the victims. The shop owners were victims. Their neighborhood was hijacked last night.

What was the response of these victims this morning after the dust settled? Cleanup and prayer in the park.

In response, an image came to mind that I thought represented my sentiments – an image of our iconic art museum bringing together both black and white.  I created #MKEUnity to express my desire to see our city come together to put an end to the violence that tears us apart.

If it represents your sentiment as well, you’re welcome to use it to represent yourself online.


Brian Mayer