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Little Studio Creative | 11 Mobile Web Stats That Will Make You Rethink Your Website

11 Mobile Web Stats That Will Make You Rethink Your Website

11 Mobile Web Stats That Will Make You Rethink Your Website

When I talk to Milwaukee-area small businesses about their website design, many business owners and managers understand the value of their website being friendly to consumers on mobile devices; however, frequently I hear an objection that having a mobile-specific, mobile-optimized or responsive web design isn’t important. The statistics below tell a different story. If you’re website isn’t well designed and optimized to respond to different screens sizes, you are losing potential business.

A 2015 report from Smart Insights indicates that since 2012…

  • The number of mobile users now exceed that of desktop users.
  • Daily vertical screen time has increased by 175%.
  • Search is the most common starting point on mobile.
  • Google gives preference to mobile optimized sites in mobile searches.
  • 25% of emails are opened on a mobile device.
  • The vast majority of mobile traffic occurs within other apps (ie clicking a link in Facebook opens the link within Facebook).
  • Users prefer mobile from 7-9am, desktop from 9-5 and tablets in the evening.

Google’s Think Insights on mobile reports that…

  • 61% of consumers will immediately leave a non-mobile website.
  • A positive mobile experience increases the likelihood of purchase by 67%.

Pair that research with human behavior research from Missouri S&T

  • An online visitor will form their initial opinion of your company in 2/10ths of a second.
  • In 2.6 seconds their eyes will focus enough to know why they formed that opinion.

And lest you think this is all about consumer-facing business, rather than B2B, a report from Acqutiy finds that 84.3% of B2B buyers research on the company’s website before purchase.

By not having a well-designed, responsive website design that works as well on a mobile device as it does on a full-size screen, you’re turning away business.


How many potential customers are you comfortable turning away?


At Little Studio Creative we help Milwaukee-area non-profits, individuals and small, privately held companies in manufacturing, outdoor sports and professional services to reach their potential customers with strategic messaging on any device they use. We design mobile-friendly websites that make you look good and produce human-story videos that will resonate with your audience.  While we love to work with small businesses at home in Milwaukee, we also work for clients nationally.

Brian Mayer

As Principal and Creative Director of Little Studio Creative, Brian consults with marketers and business owners to make their companies look and sound as good online as they are in real life.